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    • Performed Wheel Alignment ; See attached pictures,,, > Found Rear Toe was out of adjustment (Too much Toe in) and Rear Camber is a little on the Negative side, but still within specification. We adjusted the Rear Toe to specification. There are +/- Camber adjustment upper control arms for the Rear available to help correct the camber alignment angles. > Found Front has too much Negative Camber and too much positive Caster. There is also too much positive Toe. We adjusted the Front Toe to specification. However, for the Camber and Caster are adjusted by replacing the Front Subframe bolts with Eccentric adjuster bolts that will shift the subframe in relation to the upper control arms to change the Camber and Caster angles simultaneously. the Client mentioned that he installed lowering suspension springs which has changed the Caster and Camber in the front. The Front subframe adjuster bolts will have little or no effect to bring the front alignment angles back into specifications.
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