2014 BMW 435i

  • 2014 BMW 435i

    BMW 435i
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    • 1) Front brake pads at approx 3mm; Front brake rotors worn/lipped; Recommend front brake pads and rotors. 2) Wheel lug bolts are too short; Recommend Tapered seat bolts; 14 X 1.25 thread; 30mm Length. 3) Engine oil and filter change due on dash 4) Thrust rod bushings leaking/worn; Recommend replace and align. 5) Engine oil leaking; turbo line and oil pan gasket.
    • Pressure test cooling system; found bleeder screw leaking/cracked. Bleeder screw broken off in coolant reservoir; Extract broken bleeder screw. Replaced bleeder screw with updated brass bleeder screw replacement. Re-pressure test cooling system and road test; cooling system normal operation after repairs.
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